How should I store my fruit?

Keep in mind the volume of fruit you are receiving.  Unless you’re using it all at once, you should do something to preserve its quality.  We suggest putting some of the fruit in the fridge so that it lasts longer.

What could I possibly do with that much fruit?

This is up to your own creativity!  Aside from simply eating it fresh, buying fruit in bulk is great for making preserves, canning, baking, making smoothies, cooking, and other forms of processing.  You can always share with friends, co-workers, family, or special occasions. The possibilities are endless!

Why should I buy from Valicoff Family Farms?

We’re family owned and operated and out of the Yakima Valley.  If we don’t think our fruit is quality, we won’t give it to you.  Also, we’re dedicated to giving you quality fruit at a price that you won’t see anywhere else.

Do you deliver direct to my home?

We do home delivers in these cities: Selah, Yakima, West Valley, East Valley, Moxee, Wapato and Zillah . Unfortunately, at this time we do not do direct home deliveries outside these cities mentioned,, as that wouldn’t be feasible currently. When customer base reaches a economic point, we will consider offering that service.

Where are your drop-off locations?

We currently have drop-off locations in Kent, Kirkland, Edmonds, North Bend, Issaquah and Maple Valley.

Do you deliver direct to my office?

We have found that delivering to offices is too difficult.  However, if your office is in a convenient location and a large number of people would like to order, let us know and we will see what we can do.  We will also deliver direct to your office if it can be used as a drop site.

What does “farm fresh” mean?

Really, this means a few things.  First off, all of the fruit in season is coming fresh from the farm right to your home.  This means that if we’re delivering on Saturday, we’re giving you fruit that we harvest on Wednesday or Thursday.  The second part of “farm fresh” fruit means that instead of sorting the fruit by sizes like we would for retail, we give you fruit the same way it comes off the tree—in all shapes and sizes!

How do you offer fruit at such an affordable price?

We believe that people should be able to afford a healthy lifestyle and not have to pay more for it.  By avoiding the mark up given by the “middle man,” we are able to sell you fruit at a price that works for both of us.

Why are there certain fruits in grocery stores but you aren’t offering them yet?

The grocery stores may be offering fruit that is a different variety or from a different part of the country.

Do you sell juice fruit?

Yes!  Juice fruit is perfect for those who want to juice, bake, dry, or can their fruit.  This fruit may have fingertip bruising, sunburn, leaf rubs, bitter pit, or be smaller or larger in size.